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Witness Aswan's Ancient Legacy & Modern Engineering Feat on a Guided Tour

Embark on a captivating journey through Aswan, where modern engineering meets ancient wonders. Marvel at one of the world’s largest dams, learn about its pivotal role in controlling flooding and generating hydroelectric power, and admire the vast Lake Nasser it creates.

Explore the ancient granite quarries and stand before the “Unfinished Obelisk,” a monumental testament to ancient stone crafting techniques. Visit the majestic Philae Temple, relocated to Aglika Island to preserve it from rising waters, and gain deeper cultural insights into Egypt’s rich history and heritage as you explore these iconic sites.

Why You'll Love This Tour

Gain fascinating insights into ancient Egyptian history, engineering, and craftsmanship from knowledgeable guides

Witness the monumental engineering feat of the Aswan High Dam and learn about its profound impact on Egypt's landscape

Explore the ancient granite quarries, the primary source of monumental stone for Egypt's iconic pyramids and temples

Experience the splendor of the Philae Temple, relocated to Aglika Island by UNESCO after the construction of the Aswan High Dam

Enjoy hassle-free hotel pick-up and drop-off, comfortable transfers between locations throughout the tour

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Tour Logistics

Tour Logistics


  • Adults $49.00 USD per person
  • Children $39.00 USD per person

  • Departure time


    Meeting point

    At your hotel in Aswan


    Year round, Monday to Sunday


    7 hours

    Group size

    Minimum 1, maximum 10


    • Hotel pick-up and drop-off in Aswan
    • Guided tour of the Aswan High Dam
    • Visit to the ancient granite quarries and the Unfinished Obelisk
    • Exploration of Philae Temple on Aglika Island
    • Experienced guide

    Not included

    • Meals and drinks
    • Entrance fees to attractions (if applicable)
    • Gratuities for guides and drivers

    About your guide

    Egyptologist tour guide

    What You Will See & Do

    Your Day Exploring the Aswan Dam, Unfinished Obelisk & the Philae Temple

    After being picked up from your hotel by our driver, your tour will begin with a visit to the monumental Aswan High Dam, a marvel of engineering ranked among the largest dams worldwide. Its impact on Egypt’s landscape and livelihoods is profound, harnessing hydroelectric power and regulating water flow to mitigate downstream flooding. Notably, it forms the colossal reservoir, Lake Nasser, the largest artificial water body on the planet.

    Continuing your exploration, you’ll delve into the ancient granite quarries, the primary source of monumental stone for Egypt’s iconic pyramids and temples. Here lies the awe-inspiring “Unfinished Obelisk,” intended to be the world’s largest. Gain insight into ancient stone crafting techniques and the monumental effort required to shape and transport these colossal structures, and discover the interesting theories behind why this construction was never completed.

    Next, visit the magnificent Philae Temple, relocated by UNESCO to Aglika Island following the completion of the Aswan High Dam. This architectural marvel stands as a testament to ancient Egyptian ingenuity and perseverance, showcasing intricate carvings and enduring beauty against the backdrop of the Nile.

    Once the tour has concluded, our driver will return you to your hotel in Aswan.

    Transportation: To and from your hotel in Aswan, and throughout the tour between locations
    Meals: None

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