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Cairo is a mesmerizing nexus of antiquity and modernity. Home to some of the world’s most famous ancient landmarks, millions of travelers flock to Egypt’s capital to marvel at its incredible ancient wonders like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Cairo also serves as a gateway to Egypt’s many other attractions, including the temples of Luxor, the tombs of the Valley of the Kings, and the stunning landscapes of the Nile River. Its central location and excellent transportation links make it an ideal base for exploring the rest of the country.

Dive into history at the Egyptian Museum, home to a wealth of ancient artifacts including the legendary treasures of Tutankhamun. Wander through the bustling Khan El Khalili bazaar, where centuries-old traditions mingle with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re drawn to ancient wonders, cultural immersion, or simply the thrill of exploration, Cairo offers an unforgettable experience at every turn, promising a journey through time and tradition in the heart of Egypt’s capital.

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The following itineraries either begin in Cairo, culminate in Cairo, or include a day trip to Cairo from a neighboring city. Additionally, this selection of tours include 5-star accommodation with most nights in Cairo but also excursions, including Nile river cruises, to neighboring cities such as Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria and beyond.

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